Cloud Opener Manual

1. General

Welcome to Cloud Opener. Cloud Opener is a file manager for accessing and managing documents stored in iCloud Drive. Cloud Opener also features local storage. Moving or copying documents to local storage makes sure that in an offline situation the documents can always be accessed.


Note: You can save this Help Document locally by tapping the share button at the bottom - right and select 'Save as PDF'.

2. Accessing Documents

By default the Cloud Opener Tab does not show any documents. This Tab shows the documents (or document links to documents in other App containers) stored in the Cloud Opener - iCloud Drive container. To access a document in iCloud Drive, tap the Cloud Opener Button and select iCloud Drive from the menu (Cloud Opener Button Menu).

Now you can navigate through App folder stored in iCloud Drive. When you found the document you are looking for, tap it. The Action Menu will be shown and you can decide what action you want to perform.

When a document has been accessed, Cloud Opener will remember the document and shows it in the list on the Cloud Opener Tab. You can choose to view your documents as list or as a collection view. To switch the view tap the list button in the upper right corner of the list view. At the top of the list view the sorting options are also available.


The collection view adds Drag and Drop to the user- experiance. You can Drag and Drop your documents and folders to reorganize the contents. Drag and Drop  can be used to move documents from  iCloud to Local and visa versa  by dragging your document to the bottom tabbar.